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The ONE thing that pushes the human race forward

Have you ever sat down and tried to find the answer to - what is the one thing that pushes the human race forward?
Gaurav Achpalea

I have spent countless hours trying to figure out the catalyst to success, not just on an individual level but even at the level of humans as a species. Some say that it is because we have the ability to think and process information. This is just like believing in the phrase – knowledge is power. Whereas, in reality – applied knowledge is power.

So I don’t believe that to be the reason why humans have been able to excel and dominate as a species. There has been enough research and studies conducted around the globe that have revealed that other species, too, are capable of thinking and processing information.

There has to be something more to it! Something else that sparks our curiosity and triggers the quest to find new ways, to innovate and improve the quality of life. It all starts when we decide to – change the way we think. Change is a very tricky subject for us as human beings. It is something so naturally embedded in human nature that we tend to often overlook it completely.

While the tendency to quickly adapt to change kicks in naturally when our survival instincts get activated, the same takes a lot more time otherwise. It seems as though most of us have blindly accepted that venturing outside our comfort zone is something that needs to be done only when an absolute need arises to do so.

But the one thing that has constantly pushed the human race forward is the complete opposite. It is only when we step outside our comfort zones to explore the unexplored that we open the door to new possibilities. If no one would have decided to change the way they think, we would probably still be travelling in horsecarts or bullock carts instead of motorcycles and cars. If no one had stepped outside their comfort zone, we would not have the technology to instantly communicate with each other digitally. Because of the few people who decide to think differently and seek new opportunities, the human race sets itself in a progressive motion.

But if bringing about a substantial change was easy, everyone would be able to do it. The challenging part of bringing about any significant change is resilience. You have to give it all that you have got if you want to make a difference. Read this post titled Oh, how they all laughed by The New Yorker to know how those who did not understand and embrace change stood and laughed upon the changes that pushed the entire human race forward. But those who had understood the value of the change they were about to introduce into the world firmly stood by their pursuit. No amount of laughter, ridicule, disbelief and/or mockery could deter them from their track. Having such a strong belief and a sense of purpose to keep carrying on is probably more important than making up your mind to venture into areas unexplored.

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