What to do at home during a lockdown?

What to do at home during a lockdown? #Coronavirus #Corona #Pandemic #Lockdown #Quarantine
Gaurav Achpalea

With empty streets, empty parks, empty beaches, and empty everything, the world outside may seem gloomy and the times may seem dark. But who knows, this may as well be the very beginning of a bright new start.

If you are a part of the so called ‘non-essential’ profession, it is very likely that things have drastically changed for you over the past few days. So, if you’re feeling a bit lost and are finding it difficult to adjust to the new normal, you aren’t alone. Staying put, confined under a lockdown, within the walls of your home is certainly not as easy as many thought it would be. However, it is absolutely essential to do so in order to break the chain and stunt the spread of Coronavirus pandemic.

Your self quarantine time can, thankfully, be filled with activities you wished you could do but never found the time to do. So here are a few things you can now actually do, to fill your days and keep your head straight in the coming days.

  • Exercise:
    It is always a good idea to exercise in order to keep your body fit. This could be any form of exercise that you prefer, it could be yoga or even pilates, as long as you know what you are doing. If you are not someone who knows a lot about physical workouts, there are a few basic ones that you could begin with. The best thing about this one is that physical exercises have a high potential to boost your immune system!
    If you are elderly or a person who has some disabilities or health conditions, there are always professionals and experts you should consult (over the phone or internet) before undertaking any activities that could put your physical body under stress.
  • Help with chores:
    Keep those gender biases aside and start contributing in daily chores in any way you can. No daily chore is big or small but they are all essential, so there is no shame in doing them. So if you haven’t swept the floor of your own house for a while, now is the time to do so. Cleanliness negates possibilities of illnesses by destroying viruses and bacterias that might surround you. So stay safe and keep your surroundings clean! If cleanliness is not your thing, maybe you could help in the kitchen. If kitchen is not your thing, then you could be the one doing daily errands to the grocery store, etc. The important thing is to contribute in any way you can!
  • Read:
    There are many studies conducted by reputed researchers that suggest reading can reduce stress levels and increase productivity. Reduced stress levels often helps when trying to be kind to others.
    And these are just the side effects of reading!
    If you are reading fiction, it could spark your imagination. If you are reading biographies, they could spark inspiration. If you are reading something that’s more hardcore academic or scientific, it could spark a solution. The actual benefits of reading are endless, so go on and grab the book that interests you. Most likely, your time shall fly by quicker than you realise as those pages turn.

  • Be creative/productive:
    Learn a new skill or take a deeper dive in developing one that you already have. Sketch, paint, play a musical instrument, write, cook, there are plenty of activities that can help you make the best of the sudden rise of your ‘free time’. If you want to take this a step further, enrol for an online course with a reputed institution of your choice and get yourself a certificate. This certificate could help you get a job you’ve always wanted or help you score extra points to get the promotion that you’ve been waiting for. Skills like digital marketing, coding, etc. can all be acquired by undertaking online courses.

  • Bond with loved ones:
    The good thing is that though the roads are empty, the houses are packed. Though we are living today with empty streets, we are not living with empty hearts. Use this time to create memories so you can remember how you were able to make each other laugh and smile, even in times of such despair. Who knows, maybe these days that seem dark may as well bring a tear of joy in your eye or a smile to your face when you look back at it a decade or two from now. It is very much what you can make of it with so much family time. Initiate conversations, play indoor games, do a little musical jam, go on movie marathons, read to young ones and be kind to the elderly. Live each moment a little more, laugh a little more and most importantly remember to keep each other entertained.

  • Gratitude journal:
    These are tough times indeed, there’s no escaping that. One need not necessarily go into a state of denial and not accept the harsh reality of the pandemic that has brought our lives to a stand still. However, if you keep an open mind while accepting things as they are, you shall be able notice little things that you find yourselves being thankful for. Each day practice to write them down in a journal before hitting the bed. When your mind begins to cloud with unwanted negative thoughts about your situation just pull out this journal and give it a read. Magically, many of you shall be able to quickly dispose off any of the negative energies that were brewing in your mind.

  • Meditate:
    Saving the best for the last; play some relaxing music of your choice that puts your mind at ease, light up an incense stick if you can get your hands on one, sit down on the floor with your spine straight, empty your mind and relax. Just concentrate on one breath at a time. The benefits of this practise can only be felt and not put in words.

If you belong to an essential daily life profession or have a job that allows you to work from home, you might not need these activities to fill your day, as chances are that you would have a lot to do anyway. These activities though could come in handy for those whose lives have come to a complete standstill. Remember to stay home and stay safe, we can break the chain of Coronavirus spread by doing so. Lastly, for those who believe in it, we shall all send out thought energies into the universe that a vaccine to cure or an immunity medicine to prevent is soon discovered for the ruinous Coronavirus.

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