Shri Nimesh Tanna Charitable Trust, feeding more than 100 needy senior citizens in Mumbai

Gaurav Achpalea

Mumbai: Shri Nimesh Tanna Charitable Trust provides free tiffin service to 100+ needy senior citizens of Mumbai every single day. Apart from feeding the needy with lunch tiffins, the Trust also donates monthly essential home supplies to needy families and supports an Adivasi clan near Palghar.

The trust is run by a couple who tragically lost their 23-year-old son, Nimesh, in a train accident. In a moving train, Nimesh’s head struck a pole, erected near the tracks, from the moving Mumbai local, and the injuries thereafter claimed his life.

Damayanti Tanna, mother of the deceased and Pradeep Tanna, father of the deceased; live in Mulund, Mumbai. They also own a snacks and savouries corner called ‘Ashapura’. While Damayanti manages the trust, Pradeep spends his earnings to grow the trust.

Life has changed forever for the Tannas after the death of their son. Speaking about the incident that triggered them to start this trust, Damayanti Tanna recounts,”On Nimesh’s first birthday after his death, his friends came to meet us. We hadn’t completely recovered from the tragedy that hit us. Looking at this, Nimesh’s friends insisted that we cheer up for a change. They informed about how Nimesh used to do charitable work on his birthday and bring smiles on the faces of the needy, which in turn made him happy too. I got a feeling that Nimesh’s soul wanted us to know this and it was that very day, I decided this is the way to go ahead.”

Speaking about the initial days of Shri Nimesh Tanna Charitable Trust, Pradeep Tanna recalls, “After our son’s death, our house wasn’t a pleasant place for us to be. The silence in the house was bothered us the most. We travelled a lot in search of peace, but we felt tragic every time we came back home. This issue got solved only after the inception of Shri Nimesh Tanna Charitable Trust.

“I noticed that my wife Damyanti, who previously lost interest from everything around after our son’s death, was now interested in doing something. I saw that and told her that I will support the Trust financially to the best of my abilities. When we started the Trust, it used to function from the money I earned from my snack shop. Today, even when the Trust has been blessed with generous donations, I continue to financially support the trust.

“This trust has given a direction to our lives, and I am grateful to it for adding meaning to our lives. My wife who just sat down lost after our son’s death is today occupied doing some good work and that is what makes me a happier man today.”

For Damayanti too, the journey of Shri Nimesh Tanna Charitable Trust has been fulfilling, she informed.

“The journey of this Trust started with a thought that surely there are other needy families going through times of despair. Instead of leading a lost and meaningless life, we should support such needy elderly citizens as if we were their son, despite facing the loss of our son.

“I am glad that today we have been empowered to do just that. What I am able to do today, never seemed possible to the mother who had once completely broken down after learning about Nimesh’s death. I wish that I am able to continue with this work till the last breath of my life and that this Trust continues to serve the society even after I die”, said Damyanti.