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Sushmita Sen is looking fit and f’ab’!

Gaurav Achpalea

 Image source: Instagram -  @sushmitasen47
Image source: Instagram – @sushmitasen47

Sushmita Sen, the first Indian woman to be crowned Miss Universe in 1994, has shared her picture on social media of working out on her abs and the picture has gone viral. Her 42nd birthday is on the 19th of this month and as her birthday month has already set in, she seems to have started working out hard on her abs and ensure that she has the body that other 42-year-old woman can envy.

She says that she celebrates her birthday every year, and that every line – be it on her body or on her face, she has earned them. So here comes a strong and alluring note from the stunning Sushmita Sen.

Presently she is in Sharjah, U.A.E. to inaugurate a premier furniture store. But recently she travelled to Kuwait, Australia and London too. We wonder where she would be on her birthday.

Kudos to Sushmita Sen for setting an example in fitness for other women of her age group. She is surely one lady who’s ageing like fine wine!


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