Food review: Qilaa de Vashi

Here are our top 7 recommendations from their scrumptious menu!
Gaurav Achpalea

Mumbai: Have you ever wanted to get a feel of dining in a ‘qilaa’ while not having to travel to distant places? A place in Vashi has managed to pull off this gimmick and when you take the food they serve into consideration, they have certainly managed to pull it off well.

The place is of a decent size and has got a ground floor seating arrangement for most diners. However, there is also a top section for those who would prefer a cosier dining experience.

Here are our top 7 recommendations from their scrumptious menu, that you should add to your ‘must have’ list:

7) Gosht Paya Shorba: There is nothing better than a warm welcome. Especially if the welcome is aromatic. In this soup, you will find a blend of traditional Indian spices that stir up well together in order to bring out a taste so good, that you would want it to stay. ‘Paya’ is the local name given to a piece of lamb leg. This piece of meat is slowly cooked and later dipped in the gravy, which further enhances its flavour with the zest of garlic and black pepper.

6) Popcorn Milkshake: Now this one is an absolute ‘no to miss’ drink when you visit this place. One of the standouts of the day, this drink has got what it takes to make you come back to this place. While it may look very much plain and simple, it is not until you take a sip that you would realise how awesome simple looking things can be. As a matter of fact, we are still overwhelmed about how well the popcorn flavour blended with their otherwise vanilla looking milkshake.

5) Surmai Tawa Fry: If you a are a fan of eating fish, you have to put your finger on this dish. The magic in this dish for us was how well cooked it was. The crisp outer layer with a juicy inside would not have been possible without the right cooking temperature and cooking time. If cooked on high flame or for extra time, this dish can easily start feeling a tad bit dry on the inside. However, the one served to us was given the attention it deserved in order to taste well.

4) Bhopali Seekh Kebab: For those with a love for spicy, this dish is absolutely worth laying your hands on. Soft to the core and spicy enough to allure, this Bhopali Seekh Kebab seemed to have popped up on our table right from the streets of the once royal Indian town of Bhopal. 

3) Qilaa Chicken: If you have been looking for something that could carry the tag of being their signature dish, your search ends here. This Qilaa Chicken tastes like a serving for the royals because it has got what it takes to make it taste rich! From chunks of almonds to cashews, from sprinkled raisins to fig slices, you got them all going on in together here. However, they do not compete but compliment the star of the dish that is the good old chicken! Soaked and smoothed in butter, the chicken absorbs well the flavours the rich gravy has for it to offer. Every bite of this should make you feel like a Maharaja or a Maharani.

2) Awadh-e-Kalami: Fond of sinking your teeth into some chicken legs? Well, here is a good pair for you to do so. This dish has a very mystical touch to it, thanks to the secret Awadhi spices that it comes garnished with. Smooth could be the one word that could be used to perfectly describe the taste of this. 

1) Katochi Kebab: Out of all the things we tried here, the star of the day was their Katochi Kebab. Why… you ask? Well, simply because it is very rare to find a Kebab so well cooked that it tears apart when you keep your knife on it. With hardly ten per cent of the pressure, this thing just cut right through! The same way, it almost melts in the mouth and gives out flavours worth relishing.

Lastly, to end things on a sweet note you should try their Meetha Pan Kulfi. The refreshing effect this slice has is actually very much commendable. A perfect way to end your day, before hitting the bed after a good meal!

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