Food review: Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden, Bandra, Mumbai

Listed are dishes that we recommend you should ask them to bring to your table during your visit to Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden.
Gaurav Achpalea

Mumbai: Finding a garden in the middle of this concrete jungle called Mumbai is always a pleasure. The pleasure doubles though, when the garden you find turns out being a beer garden.

Right in the heart of Bollywood’s favourite neighbourhood, you will find Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden located at Hill Road, Bandra. Now obviously this place is less garden and more beer. This could be keeping in mind how busy Hill Road gets on any given day, a literal garden there might not end up being an ideal place to unwind. But Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden sure does a decent job in helping to achieve just that.

Listed below are dishes that we recommend you should ask them to bring to your table during your visit to this place.

5) Coloured Loaf Sandwich: Who does not like a good sandwich, especially when it is made of a loaf with a difference. These multicoloured loaf sandwiches don’t just taste good, they look fancy too. If you have to take the word of the makers of this sandwich, they claim that these colours are not synthetic. 

4) Sloppy Joe Chicken Burger: If a juicy burger is all you want in order to satiate your hunger pangs, then your search pretty much ends here. This burger is packed with flavours and that makes it a munch absolutely worth the buck it costs. The reason they probably inserted the word ‘sloppy’ in its name could probably be because of how messy it might leave your hands, thanks to all the juice oozing out from the sunny side up placed at the top.

3) Ghee Roast Lamb: This lamb cooked with a blend of lip-smacking Indian spices comes on your table plated above cute little lachha parathas. One bite and you are hooked to it. There is hence a decent possibility that you might actually finish eating this sooner than you expected.

2) Chicken Lasagne: A good serving of lasagne can make the day for many foodies out there. Your meal at Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden might feel incomplete if you miss out on trying their lasagne. If you are big on lasagne, give it a try here and we vouch that it will satisfy your hunger pangs.

1) Hulk Pancake: Consider this to be a pancake that can be had at any time of the day and not just for breakfast. These green pancakes are topped with almonds and are accompanied by maple syrup. These three combined together are nothing less than a party for your tastebuds!

To sum it up, Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden is a decent sized place with good food and music that helps you unwind. We found the place to have a cosy environment, mostly due to the lighting and interior job. All this makes it a place to hit if you are looking ahead to an evening to hang out with your best pals.

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