Food review: House of Lloyd, Juhu, Mumbai

House of Lloyd does very well to bring the feel of Goa and the taste of Goan food to Mumbai.
Gaurav Achpalea

Mumbai: If you are a Mumbaikar who is big on Goan food this is literally the best news your inner foodie could come across this month. One of Goa’s famous eateries has opened its heart and doors to serving Mumbaikars.

The name of the place is House of Lloyd and it is located right above Grandmama’s Café at Juhu Tara Road in Mumbai.

Listed below are dishes that we recommend you should ask them to bring to your table during your visit to this place.

6) Chorizo Pav: This classic Goan dish is made of Pork sausages. It is packed with flavours from the coast that are ready to rock your taste buds. All it takes is a single munch, and you will find yourself being hooked on to this!

5) Ross Omelette: A dish that has raised the standard of Indian Omelettes has become a street favourite throughout the coastline state. This Goan street favourite has been able to achieve such status by bringing in some Authentic Goan masalas to play with the traditional Omelette and boy we felt game for it with just one bite. Unlike the way it is served on Goan streets, House of Lloyd has given this dish their own twist by embedding the Goan masalas whilst keeping them dry and not in the form of gravy.

4) Fried Fish Roes: There can be only a handful of things that are better than the feeling that these Fried Fish Roes bring when you take a bite of it while enjoying the monsoons. An experience to forward to is when you find yourself seated at their open terrace while the rain pours down. All that you would want to do then is get to munch on these wonderfully fresh fried fish roes while sipping on the drink of your choice.

3) Prawns in Goan Recheado: If bland is boring for you and all you like in a bite is a flavourful crunch, there is nothing that can serve you better here. Packed with flavours from the Goan cost, this dish made us felt like it came straight out of the kitchen of a loving Goan grandmother. Yes, the flavours in this peaked the authenticity levels of our taste buds.  

2) Pork Vindaloo: Now, one can even go as far as saying that you haven’t really tasted much of Goan food if you haven’t tasted Pork Vindaloo! So, it goes without saying that during your visit to this place, you shall not walk out without giving this a try. And yes, do remember to thank us later for this recommendation.

1) Mutton Xacutie: Now if you were wanting to know which is the one dish that took our hearts away, it is this one. The chef seemed to have executed this dish to the best of his abilities, and that effort to get this dish taste just right was revealed right with its first bite. The taste of this dish is so tempting, you might as well consider running away with some of it and enjoying it at the comfort of your home.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth like us, hang on, because we are not done yet. The sweet dish that we would recommend you should open your heart to at House of Lloyd is the good old traditional Bebinca. Bebinca is made from coconut and jaggery and is served alongside a scoop of vanilla ice-cream here.

To conclude, House of Lloyd does very well to bring the feel of Goa and the taste of Goan food to Mumbai. Their open terrace seating accompanied by an indoor air-conditioned alternative makes sure that you get to have the dining experience of your choice. During monsoon and winters, we think it would be hard to beat their open terrace experience.

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