Bandra has got a lot happening ‘Between Breads’

Gaurav Achpalea

Bandra seems to have got a hidden ‘blink and miss destination’ that’s making some cool experiments ‘Between Breads’.  This ‘hole-in-the-wall’ eatery shares the street with ‘Hawaiian Shack’ and can accommodate around a maximum of a dozen hunger bitten eaters at once. But don’t go by the size of this place, what makes us babble is what they bring to the table.

For the bacon fans, there are offerings which can’t be put down. Their bacon fries have got all the crunch you would like to munch, one of their best preparations hands down.  It will be gone pretty much as soon as it’s around, you might find it a bit hard to stop yourself from regular crunch cravings once this is found.

Moving on, we also liked their savoury waffles. However, we wish they had gone fishing for a bit and hadn’t run out of their salmon offering. We tried their ‘Breakfast Club’ that’s got buttermilk crusted chicken served over waffles and topped with a sunny side up. Oh, and how can we forget the maple syrup on the side. It’s got bites to relish!

For those wondering where’s the bread, don’t fret just yet. They’ve got a range of burgers, sandwiches and hotdogs to whet your appetite. Our recommendation you ask? We suggest you don’t miss their ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ a tender lamb burger that simply melts in your mouth.

Lastly, who doesn’t like some sweetness in life! Their Brownie Town and Oh So Oreo gave us a hard time picking the winner from the two, so we decided to share the limelight equally as that’s what’s true.

If there’s one thing we would want more from them is more space, as more space can make for a better ambience that might keep us there for longer. If you haven’t tried this place yet, we think it’s worth a try. We also wouldn’t mind picking up a quick bite if we happen to pass by.

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