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How can digital content help small businesses?

Your digital content is your ticket to making it big online, so do not make the mistake of underestimating the importance of it!
Gaurav Achpalea

What is Grow with GRV? 
Grow with GRV is a series that I felt compelled to release, keeping in mind the current market situation that has badly hit businesses and jobs across the globe. One way to adapt to the rapidly changing market is by going digital. If you offer a product or service that was majorly dependent on offline sales, follow this series to learn how to infuse digital DNA in your business strategy. By doing so, you shall be able to neutralise a notable amount of damage caused by plummeting offline sales.

Your content is your ticket to getting discovered. It is the primary reason why most businesses create digital content. Businesses of every size, big businesses or small, all of them create digital content! But let’s not talk about the giants because that’s really not related to this post. In this post, we are going to talk about how creating content is essential for small businesses. So let’s say you are a photographer or let’s say you are a dietician, fitness trainer, yoga instructor and you have recently decided to take your business online. What you are finding trouble at, most probably, is getting discovered in your early days. There are so many other nutritionists out there, there are so many other dieticians out there, there are so many other fitness trainers out there, there are so many other yoga and pilates trainers out there, so how do you get discovered? 
Well, obviously by consistently creating content! The more content that you create, the more the chances of your discoverability. So what kind of content are we talking about over here? We are talking about content like blogs, videos, social media posts. The more content pieces you consistently create, the more you increase your likelihood of getting discovered by your next potential client.

Through the content that you create, you can build trust among your audience. For example, if you are a makeup artist and you create videos wherein you give tips and tricks to your audience on how to do quick makeup. Not the professional level ones, which takes like an hour to do… but like a quick five-ten-fifteen minutes makeup that they can do by themselves. This might help them in sudden situations like a meeting that came up, out of nowhere! So these are the kind of things that you need to think of. Let’s say you are a nutritionist, so you will create content like sharing your unique recipes with your audience. Not the generic ones that you find on the internet but the ones that you have personally created. When someone comes across such authentic digital content, they tend to build trust for the work that you do. They know that this person knows what he or she is talking about, this person knows what he or she is charging money for. So definitely, do work on creating valuable and authentic digital content for your audience if you want to build trust for yourself and for your business. 

You want more leads, you want more sales, you want more subscribers, you just want to grow online. But the big question is how do you do that? Again – create digital content that matters. If you create digital content that matters, you will be able to get more leads for your business and you will be able to get more sales online too! You will start building an audience for yourself online if you create authentic and valuable digital content for them. So, for example, let’s say you are a yoga trainer, what kind of content can you create so that you can get leads that can turn into potential customers. You can create short yoga training videos and ask people at the end of the video to join you for a webinar, which has a small fee (sales). Also, if they want to get a further discount on that fee, they can fill up a form. If you have a website just direct them to a landing page. On that landing page, just ask them to fill out a quick form with their name and email and send them a discount code for purchasing their entry for that particular webinar (leads). So this is just a quick example that I just thought of straight from the top of the head. But definitely, if you sit down and think about it, there are a lot more things that you can do to grow your business online.

If your customer is interacting with your business to the extent that they are liking your posts, sharing your posts, commenting on them… then you know that you are building brand loyalty! Big companies spend millions and millions of dollars to build brand loyalty and you are able to do that now by creating valuable content. So why not work upon creating awesome digital content for your clients? Let’s say you are a bakery shop and people are liking the photos that you post about cakes that you have baked and the pastries that you have baked. They are sharing it and recommending it to other people, they are complementing the unique cake designs that you have come up with. If you are able to get this level of engagement just by creating digital content, imagine what kind of growth you are going to expect in the coming months and years. It is simply going to multiply if your product remains as good as it is and if your digital presence remains as good as it is, if not get better!

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