Tom Hanks’ first book is ‘Uncommon Type’

Gaurav Achpalea

A new release in the book world that has got readers excited at plenty, is the book authored by Tom Hanks. Yes, the author of ‘Uncommon Type’ is the same two-time Oscar winning actor who once won our hearts being Forrest Gump.

The book is a collection of 17 wonderfully woven short stories. Not only do these stories portray Hanks’ vivid imagination, they also prove his ability to weave pearls from different oceans with a single string. Of course that was said metaphorically, the pearls being the stories and the string being a typewriter. All 17 short stories include a typewriter, playing a pivotal role in some stories while being trifling in others.

Since when did Tom Hanks get serious about writing? Well, this shift seems to have been triggered when one of the 17 short stories present in Hanks’ book, first got published in the New Yorker. The book hence proves positive that Tom Hanks is indeed the ‘uncommon type.’


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