Why you should read – ‘Eat that frog’ by Brian Tracy?

Gaurav Achpalea

This weirdly titled international bestseller, is for the control freaks. Those who want to be in the drivers seat right from the word go. But in order to be in the drivers seat, you first need to learn how to drive! This not so bulky book, is sure to trigger interest amongst readers wanting to effectively work towards a desired goal. Many can finish reading this book in a few hours or during a weekend at max.

One of the biggest takeaways it has, is the skill to plan and prioritise. To articulate a fertile plan that is efficacious in nature, the starting point is of prime importance. People often find themselves trying to find an answer to the question – ‘where do I begin?’ OR ‘what do I begin with?’ 

As the book suggests, start with the most strenuous job. Begin each new day trying to conquest the highest peak in sight, as doing so will get you hooked to accomplishments. Every single time you complete something that seemed challenging to begin with, it will strengthen your roots of self belief. ‘Eat that frog’ and get done with it. Or if you have more than one frog to eat, eat the ugliest one first and then move on.  The only obvious way to do so though, is to take one bite at a time.

So the question that arises is – what exactly is this frog that we are talking about? Well, this frog can be identified by using a management concept that is widely known as the ’80-20 Rule’. This rule, in very simple words suggests that 80% of your end results are based on just 20% of the tasks you do. So when trying to prioritise and identify the frog, ask yourself is your next task in the top 20% of your to do list? If not, it is safe to keep that for later and carry out what makes it to the top 20% of your to do list.

One more tip of vital importance, found in this book is – start with the end in mind and work backwards. This simple phenomenon is also more commonly referred to as ‘reverse engineering’. Set your goal and backtrack your way from it to where you stand at this moment. Clarity of the route towards your desired destination, will give you that much needed confidence – to face and win over the obstacles you may find on your way.

So next time ‘resist the temptation to clear up small things first’.


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