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Hi, my name is Gaurav Achpalea. I have an inclination towards producing valuable content that aims to either inform, inspire, educate or entertain viewers.

Gaurav Achpalea


Who is Gaurav Achpalea?

Gaurav Achpalea is a qualified journalist, digital content creator and digital marketer. 

He has acquired his Masters degree in Media and Communications from University of Wollongong Australia and is also a Google certified Digital Marketer. 

He has an inclination towards storytelling through his writing and digital content production skills. He has developed cross platform content production skills to emerge as a modern day digital content creator and marketer. 

To sum it up, he is eminently capable of creating influential content strategies, marketing copies, landing pages, e-mail and social media campaigns along with producing SEO optimised blogs, vlogs, social media posts and podcasts.

Google certified Digital Marketer | Wordsmith | Photography and photo retouching | Video production and video editing | Social media post designing | Vlogs | Blogs | Podcasts

Content Strategy

Attract more visitors, convert them into into leads, close leads and delight customers.
This is the formula I follow when I consult a business/individual for digital content strategy.
Producing content without having a concrete strategy that aligns well with your branding and goals, is like swimming aimlessly with blind hopes of reaching an onshore.
I provide content strategy consultation sessions to help you reach your content goals.

Content Production

My approach to content production is that of being a voice and not just being another echo that adds to the noise.
I can produce digital content across formats - photos, videos, text and graphics.
Now, if you have clarity on strategy... it's time to make the move towards producing relevant content. This could be text, photo, video or even graphic content.
Be it e-mail newsletters, white pages, press releases, marketing copies, landing pages, social media ads/posts, SEO optimised blogs, vlogs, social media posts and podcasts...
I can produce a variety of digital content to suit your business needs.


I shall be happy to unearth stories that could have an empower people by being positive, productive and progressive.
I strongly believe in producing journalistic content that could have a positive impact on the readers. If you are looking for someone to work on something similar,
get in touch!
I can produce documentaries, web series, podcasts and even
write regular features
for your network.

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